We are a company that really believes in what we do, and cares the utmost about whom we work for. That’s why, like millions of people who choose Relaxo, we continue to move forward.

It is said, “An idea without implementation is just good thinking.”

In 1976, two brothers Mukund Lal Dua & Ramesh Kumar Dua dreamed to take their father’s footwear business to what Relaxo is today - one of the leading and most popular footwear companies in India. A household name, literally.

With its headquarter in New Delhi and 8 manufacturing units, Relaxo produces over 6 lacs pairs of footwear, every day. Relaxo footwear’s range boasts a fine combination of comfort, style, and quality workmanship. A wide collection of fashionable, colourful, comfortable and durable footwear for men, women and children.

For a changing India. For a trendsetting India. Relaxo is geared to meet the quality and choice expectations of a young India with its sub-brands such as Sparx, Bahamas, Flite, Schoolmate and Relaxo Hawaii.

We are having a good market presence with our channel now we are looking forward for our Franchisee Chain of Stores PAN India.

If interested do call us on 9981949522 or mail us at info@360consulting.in