GST update

*GST Payment Process* 
1.🐌 Only 25 banks have been authorised to collect GST.
2. 🐌Private Banks, HDFC, ICICI and Axis Banks are not eligible to collect GST.
3. 🐌Regd persons having their accounts with these banks can pay only through NEFT/RTGS only.
4. 🐌All tax challans are to be created only after logging into your GST account.
5. 🐌CPIN will be generated for each such challan created.
6. 🐌Such challan can be used to pay later but only within 15 days.
7.🐌 Such challans having CPIN are also required even if you wish to pay through epayment or debit/credit card.
8. 🐌After payment of challan either at bank or epayment mode, a CIN number will be generated.
9. 🐌If payment is made through NEFT/RTGS, then you have to log in to your account and enter your UTR number in your profile.
10. 🐌Three days after the generation of CIN or entering your UTR, your tax payment will be reflected in your e-cash ledger.
11. 🐌Only after the payment is reflected in your e-cash ledger, you can adjust/pay your output liability.


🏵You must pay your taxes well 3 days before you file your GSTR-3.Only then you will be able to file your GSTR-3. 
🏵In other words, if last date of filing GSTR-3 is 20th, then last date of payment will be 17th.

🙏So please be sure to pay off your tax liability  by 15-17th of each month.

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