Acumen and Ingenuity.

Enhance your ingenuity and your acumen during sleep

Enhance your ingenuity and your acumen during sleep

It would be so easy to enhance your ingenuity and your acumen during sleep: you only have to sleep sufficiently, healthy and effectively to take full advantages of you capacity resp. even are able to enlarge it. And of course are able to use it in everyday life in a good mood and relaxed.

The explanation for this is simple, too: every night, we are passing different sleeping phases which are beneficial for our body, mind and soul. The deep sleep is not only important for our physical recovery but also for saving new learned knowledge. Important for students but also for working people who for example get prepared for an important speech. During REM-sleep mind and soul are recovering. Furthermore, new movement patterns are consolidated during this sleeping phase.

The work our brain is doing while we are asleep also leads to the fact that it is often easier to find a solution for a problem after sleeping: our brain is processing the impressions and tasks of the day during the night. Like scientific studies prove this is the reason why it is easier to find a solution after sleeping than without any sleep.

The basic precondition that our system is working like it is intended to is healthy, restful and above all effective sleep. It should be possible, to pass through the necessary sleeping cycles 4-5 times per night; since one sleeping cycle lasts about 1.5 hour this will result in sleeping duration of 7-8 hours.

It is essential, that we offer our body the support and surrounding it needs for reaching a restful and effective sleep.

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