Most organizations face stiff challenges in today’s marketplace. Changing demographics, new technologies, aggressive competition and sophisticated consumers demand that organizations either change the way they do business or face extinction. Too many organizations respond to these challenges by trying to do what they have done in the past. Those that thrive welcome change and renew themselves by aligning with current and future realities.


We provide strategic planning facilitation and business strategy consulting services to small andmedium sized businesses. For businesses to grow and be successful, their mission and vision needs to be aligned with their team's efforts. Moreover,those efforts have to be in line with a strategic plan that takes into consideration the internal and external environments that the company works within. Strategic planning has been shown to result in: better decision making, better use of resources and better communication within an organization. These benefits, among others, lead to increased organizational efficiency and accelerated growth. To learn more about how your organization can benefit from incorporating strategic planning into its business processes.


Purpose & Profitability Planning is an area in which an experienced consultant can potentially make a tremendous difference. An outside professional can often pinpoint areas of improvement, and come up with excellent suggestions, in a manner that is hard to do for managers who are immersed with daily operations. We works with clients to identify various aspects of their firm that could be improved it helps as needed with implementation of the recommendations.

Our team assess value-added products and services, plan and develop these products and services, and comprehensively address processes that drive customer satisfaction.


We invest in understanding the process and technology needed to deliver the right business outcomes, enabling us to design a better way of working so that operational efficiency is improved and costs are reduced. We will typically generate an increase of up to 20% in operational efficiency (or capacity) during the lifetime of the project and leave an organisation in a position to continuously improve, generating as much as 5% in ongoing improvement year-on-year.

Our team of business consultants has a comprehensive understanding of the impact of people and change. Organisational redesign for new business models, developing people strategies and creating change capabilities. We support a full range of HR-related activities, including designing and implementing alternative service delivery models including outsourcing, shared services and process optimisation as well as advising on the development of business partner capabilities


Our team assess value-added products and services, plan and develop these products and services, and comprehensively address processes that drive customer satisfaction. Managing distributors and their sales reps is very different from and significantly more complex than managing one’s own sales team because one cannot directly control and oversee them. Yet one relies on them to do so much: represent one’s brand, overcome regulatory hurdles, set reasonable pricing, manage an opportunity pipeline, build relationships, conduct market intelligence, navigate the local culture, expand access, be financially disciplined and close deals. To further complicate matters, most distributors are distracted, splitting their time between selling on your behalf and selling for other companies in adjacent product categories. We take care of Performance as well as Transitional channel management.


Our marketing consultancy mission is to help you and your business lead in your field through superior insight and marketing by developing better communications, products, services and brands.
We can do this because we’re different in being marketing strategists, business planners and management consultants. As such we bring hands-on sales, marketing and commercial experience to ask the right questions, anticipate, understand and address your challenges.
Starting with your objectives and needs we recommend a route map matched to your requirements. This will be truly be spoke and always creative. Then through collaboration or in-depth research we understand your customers, their needs and how you can best meet them. Finally through perceptive analysis and idea generation we reveal new opportunities.
At every stage on your journey we provide insights, ideas and personal support. All in order to target and win customers, develop unique products and services, boost satisfaction, sales, profit and brand value.


We have a vast network and portfolio when it comes to franchising agreements, whether it be, converting an existing business to a franchise format, develop a new franchised network from scratch, advise existing franchise brands on how to grow and develop, work with franchisors to expand or helping bring franchise brands to your home market.
Whether you are an individual with capital to invest in a franchise licence, or a company seeking a franchise consultant to help you to create a new franchise network, we provide you with valuable advice and guidance.